Well, it’s been a while..

14. April 2020 By Lucas Janes
Well, it’s been a while..

Just an update…

As I didn’t upload any new content for over a year now – I just wanted to update you even if you don’t follow me on facebook or instagram.

I do have a lot of stuff to take care about and another lot of stuff waiting to be done. I still do love this photoblog, but for over a year now, I neither had the time to post-process my photos (at least still shooting in the meantime..) in a way I’m comfortable with, nor the time to collage them for a post up here. Maybe it’s also not only the time I would need, but also the possibilites like Muse, hardware, money, etc …

I would love if you try not to forget me and this photoblog. This blog full of over 650 fantastic photos and memories means a lot to me. To see that someone explores this page – even with no updates for over a year now – makes me seriously happy and encourages me to go on. For example, since the relaunch of this site in 2017 I seriously take care of SEO. This means, I did (and do) optimize this page so that it can more easily be found by users of searchengines. This took me ‘like years’ looking through tutorials, overthinking the complete page design, losing myself in html & css code, taking care of recurring visitors by forwarding them from no-longer-existent pages to the corresponding existing ones and many many more.
Since then, many completely new users visited this page, like a person in Nov, 2019 from St. Gallen in Suisse. He or she probably searched for something photographic about his / her city and entered my page with this post about ‘St. Gallen – Street Photography‘. He or she scrolled through this entry for about 2 minutes, then clicked on Part One. He or she further clicked through many many other entries and pages. He or she spent over 25 minutes on this page, ended in clicking on the Subscribe Button and subscribed to the newsletter.
Congrats bro or sis if you’re reading this – by now, this (sadly) is the first email you’re going to receive from me.

This was just an specific example, many many other visitors landed on this page through Google for example. Since January, 1st, 2019, over 50 people from all over the world spent more than 5 minutes on this page. People from Beijing (China), from Quebec (Canada), Caroline Springs (Australia), Brussels (Belgium), Hanoi (Vietnam), Katerini (Greece), Karadsch (Iran), Lyon (France), few from Nuremberg, Fürth, Bayreuth, Munich (all Germany) or, or, or… Even if they aren’t hundreds or thousands – I made it possible for these people to have access to my photographic and artistic content and they were at least willing to spend their valuable time to see it. Even in the case they might have not liked it and perhaps never gonna return. Someone even holds the record time of 44 minutes and 22 seconds spending on this page and clicking through over 34 pages. I think, that speaks for itself – nothing more to say.
Moreover, over 10 people from Great Britain, Russia, France, Germany, Spain and others made the way from their instagram on their smartphone over to their laptop/PC for suitable watching my page for longer than 5 minutes. (For the more interested people: trackable because of staying in the same network (e.g. WiFi at home) and having the same IP by using the smartphone or your laptop/PC after using the instagram-app and the in-app-browser).

People supported me actively by spreading some wonderful stickers on the streets, others gave me ratings on the posts itselves, also others gave me thumbs up on facebook or instagram. Another 4 people also left a direct message with the built-in contact formular.

Thanks to all of you – I did not forget you and I won’t. In the near future I’m going to deliver you some fresh content here – promise.

So far, …
Lucas Janes a.k.a. burningears

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