Relaunch once again

1. November 2018 By Lucas Janes
Relaunch once again

New design with new content

Sooo.. After few weeks of work and few days of being offline (sorry my dear 14 visitors having seen the ‘maintenance mode’ page :D), I finally gave this photoblog a completely new face with this relaunch. Since the existence of Duoplicity this is the 4th redesign and the most labour-intensive one.

If you know Duoplicity from older days, you should definetly click (again) through the pages. The most important things on this page are still the photos and I haven’t changed them, but added here and there some more fitted design around them.

If you’re a mobile user, you also have a new ‘experience’ watching this photoblog and made major changes for the majority of visitors. Even if it should now finally be possible to not only see the page with a clean look but also arranged photos – you should definetly think about visiting this page on a desktop device to get the feeling of the photos in a more pleasant and appropriate way.


Panorama Photo - Photoblog Duoplicity Relaunch 2018

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