About Photoblog Duoplicity

About the Project

This Photoblog was first going online in 2013. To this time, this was a project together with a friendly photographer. Like most spare-time websites, it started on a free hosting service. After the first few years, there were some more viewers of the page, which lead to the need for searching for a stable hosting service. To the end of 2016, the page was relaunched by this domain www.duoplicity.eu. Including a complete redesign and update to recent CMS. I also customized the theme, the css, html & php codes to get the appereance the most exact way I wanted it to. By nearly 2017, this Photoblog became my very own project.

The page you can see right now is just another product of a relaunch & redesign made over some months and was published by the first of Nov, 2018. I also need to stay up-to-date.. =D

And because I was not only once asked what this page is about – this is just my way to present the work I’ve been producing over many years. I tried a few different photopages but didn’t find one that fits for me.
On this page there is also nothing to sell. There’s ‘just’ a lot of stuff waiting to be visually consumed by you.
I’m really pleased if you give me feedback by following or sharing but you should not feel obliged to do so.

About Me

I’m Lucas Janes, born in the early 90s and live in Fürth, Germany. I started photographing by the age of roughly 14 with the help of my dad with the first tries of analogue photography. By this time – causing inconvenience for the family – the toilet became from time to time the darkroom for developing film. But very soon, I realized the advantages of digital photography for a beginner like I was once. I owned various cameras, everyone was a DSLR – that means I’m able to see the motive through the lens directly and not by monitoring through a screen. I think my first one was a ‘Samsung GX-1L’, following with the ‘Pentax *ist-D’ and the ‘Pentax K-200D’. Nowadays I own the ‘Pentax K-5’. My lenses collection is not quite up-to-date, but for example I proudly own a ‘Carl Zeiss 50/f1.4’ with manual focussing. I’m heading towards the ‘Pentax K-1’ full-frame DSLR. But that one would need also some new lenses because the most I own aren’t capable of filling the full-frame.

About the Photos

All the Photos you see on this page were shot and post-processed by me (surprise..). I’m not only presenting my art & work here, but also want to distribute it. So, long time ago, there was the decision to let people share the work. As long as the people / you don’t process or edit the image and if you list me and this Photoblog. Also, you’re not allowed to make revenue with my work. Which leads to licensing with a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons 4.0 - BY NC ND

In Detail:

  • Creative Commons 4.0 – BY NC ND – means: Feel free to share my work, but:
  • The author and the link of this Photoblog must be listed
  • No revenue by using of the work allowed
  • No editing of the work allowed

Giving Credits

Because of me also not want to take revenue of the work of others without to list them, this section is for all the people from the internet community, who helped me out.

I (hard-)coded a lot on this page, and as I didn’t participate in any training course or apprenticeship for webdesign, I needed to learn by myself with the help of the internet. So, I want to give credits to these people:

Without the knowledge and the effort of these people I wouldn’t have been able to make this Photoblog, to customize it to my need and to design it that way.

Thanks to all of them.. =)


Also I want to take the time to say thanks to the people following and sharing this page. For the digital world it’s a pleasant for me to not only see that people seem to like this page in a way by spending half an hour or even more on the page. Moreover it’s to see giving feedback either by simply clicking like, by sharing the page on facebook, twitter etc or by sending a honest feedback message.

An even bigger thanks to all of you! =)